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Konstantinos Papadakis is an old world master wood carver. His wood carvings have graced homes, offices, churches and public buildings throughout the world. To see his masterful work is to be transported back to a time when a building was more than a mere dwelling - it was immortality.

In a day where everything is mass produced in lots, his works seem almost too rich - too lush to be real. Each project is painstakingly crafted as a labor of love - as unique as the customers he creates them for. The care and devotion to an art almost lost in this modern world can be clearly seen in each and every piece.

His mastery of the Byzantine style of wood carving can be seen in the icon screens (iconostasis), thrones and chanter stands in Greek Orthodox Churches around the country and the world. His furniture graces the Minnesota State Capitol building.

Restorations and re-creations by Master Papadakis are on display with the Minnesota Historical Society. So painstakingly has he reproduced the Baroque style that his creations are identifiable only by catalog number. Even the historians themselves cannot tell the original from the reproduction by sight or touch.

Konstantinos has been making masterpieces in this country since the 1960's. His carvings are timeless, but many of the pictures are starting to fade. What remains will still show you the depth of art that flows from the hands of the master.

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Read about Konstantinos Papadakis in a recent article published in Tulsa World.

On January 2, 2011, Mike Binkley, WCCO-TV presented a wonderful piece in his "Finding Minnesota" segment about Konstantinos Papadakis, the Greek Wood Carver.

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